Aural Sex

by pbsmitty

Dear Smitty,

My boyfriend is on a business trip for 2 months and we are trying phone-sex. So far it has gone well, but I am running out of things to say, besides talking about blowing him and what not, what else can I say that will get the job done?

– Phone-Sex Fright


Dear Phone-Sex Fright,

First off, well done keeping things hot while your man is on the road!

To start, definitely ask him what he likes. There might be a bunch of fantasies that he hasn’t told you about yet. This might open things up for you when he gets back too.  I think the secret to a good sex life (whether in person or over the phone) is honesty and a willingness to experiment without judgment. I’m sure there are definitely things he likes that he hasn’t shared with you yet. Do your best to make him comfortable enough to open up about them.

As for some other ideas:

  • Try role-playing. Both of you could pretend to be somebody else on the phone and spice things up.
  • Instruct him. Guys are more literal then girls. You might be telling him you’re blowing him but it could be hard for him to reconcile that fantasy with him sitting alone in a hotel room.  Tell him how you want him to touch himself, how fast/hard you want him to stroke, etc.
  • Make it a little risky. Maybe tell him you want him to get off somewhere public (caveat, make sure it isn’t SO public he gets arrested or something!). Call him while he is out to dinner and tell him to go into a bathroom stall.
  • Along the same lines, make it spontaneous. Don’t always plan it. Surprise him with a call and tell him he needs to drop everything – starting with his pants.
  • Get him to be verbal as well. Ask him to tell you what he would be doing to you if you were there right now. Make sure you express how excited that’s making you.

Hopefully this will help you out over the next couple months!  Either way, I’m sure Alexander Graham Bell would be proud!

– Smitty