A Mind Your Pee Q

by pbsmitty


Why do ALL guys end up peeing a little bit on the floor?  WHHHHYYYYYYYYY?  And when they do, why don’t they just wipe it up like a nice person?

– Lisa



Gee whiz, did you have to go there?  Sounds like urine a bit of a mess though.  Don’t worry, bladder things have happened.

To answer the first part of your question, there are lots of things that can impact aim. If the man has an erection it isn’t that easy to aim without contorting his whole body. Likewise, if he just had sex, some of those, uh, other fluids, can get in the way and alter the stream.  Even if the guy has sniper like aim, he can sometimes under or overestimate the pressure of his flow causing him to miss long or short.  (This happens more frequently as a man gets older).  Finally, and most importantly, there is drippage once he finishes and unless he’s over the bowl like the leaning tower of pee-sa this will end up on the floor.

The real issue I think is the second part.  When he does this, he should definitely be willing to wipe it up. (Just ask him how he would feel if you peed on the floor and he stepped in it).  However, he might have been living by himself or with other guys so long that he doesn’t even think about it or realize he does it in the first place.  In fact, the only reason I’ve thought about it is because my girlfriend called me out on it as well.  Hopefully, once you’ve pointed it out he will be more observant and wipe it up when he misses.  He might not always realize it or get it all clean, but any change in behavior will certainly be an improvement.

And, if he isn’t at least willing to consider making that change, then tell him to piss off!

– Smitty